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    The most common behavioural problem in Staffies

    The number one behavioural problem associated with this breed is dog-directed aggression. This is completely natural for a dog that has a long heritage of being bred to fight with other dogs, but it can be reduced and sometimes completely eliminated through a combination of the following: Thorough socialisation as a puppy Good breeding Positive…   Read More »

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    Temperament of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    Find out what kind of temperament and personality you can expect from the Staffy. Remember, these are generalisations – not all Staffies are the same. Good breeding and genetics also have a big role to play in a dog’s personality. On the whole though, we can say that the Staffy: Loves children Surprisingly for a…   Read More »

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    How to groom your Staffordshire Bull terrier

    When it comes to grooming, Staffies are relatively low maintenance. However, they will still benefit greatly from an owner who takes pride in their appearance, and wants to keep their Staffy’s coat in good condition. Here are some useful tips for keeping your Staffy’s coat clean and healthy. The Staffy coat Staffies have a short,…   Read More »

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    How to choose a Staffy pup

    Once you’ve found a breeder that you’re happy with, it’s time to choose a puppy. This is no easy task, especially if you’re a first time dog owner and you’re not sure what to look for. You can be sure that the pups are all going to be adorable, but try to stay focused! Observe…   Read More »

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    How to be your Staffy’s pack leader

    The Staffy requires a strong, confident owner in order to be calm, content and happy. However, being a sensitive soul, the Staffy also needs to be treated with compassion. A firm but fair “pack leader” is ideal, someone who is affectionate yet knows how to set boundaries. What is a pack leader? The idea of…   Read More »

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    History of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    The Staffy’s history is a varied one. It’s important to get a feel for this breed’s origins so that you can understand your dog and become a better Staffy owner. Here are some interesting facts about the Staffy’s history. Early Mastiff dogs Before the Staffy became the Staffy, its ancestors were early Mastiff dogs that…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    Health problems in Staffies

    Staffies are quite a hardy breed, but like all dogs, they are prone to certain hereditary health conditions which every Staffy owner should familiarize themselves with. Here are the major conditions to be aware of. Hip dysplasia This condition is common across most dog breeds. When the thigh bone doesn’t fit properly into its socket…   Read More »

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    Finding the right Staffy breeder

    Are you thinking of bringing home a Staffy? If so, the first task on your list should be finding a reputable breeder. Staffies have been subjected to poor breeding practices in the past, so it’s absolutely essential you find a breeder who is responsible, ethical and knowledgeable. By doing this, you’ll avoid ending up with…   Read More »

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    Common myths about Staffordshire Bull Terriers

    It’s important to be realistic about this lovable breed and not to perpetuate any of the commonly held myths about them. Also, you’ll need to know exactly what to expect so that you aren’t disappointed when your dog grows up with different traits than those you were led to expect. Here are the truths behind…   Read More »

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    Are you the right person for a Staffy?

    Despite the misconceptions surrounding Staffies, many people say that they make fantastic pets. Here are some ways to find out if you’re the right type of person to own a Staffy. What do Staffies look like? Today’s Staffy is of medium height, with a short, smooth coat. They can come in all sorts of colours…   Read More »

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